Over recent decades increasing research has been done on past archaeological and physical landscapes, leading to the development of an expanding number of related disciplines and sub-disciplines. The use of field and aerial survey techniques, the investigation of various historical sources as well as the study of archaeological arte- and ecofacts are but some of the means available for assessing and reconstructing these changing environments. The International colloquium "Broadening Horizons", the first conference which took place at Ghent University (Belgium) on February 27 and 28, 2006, brought together young researchers (Ph.D. and post-doctorate level) in geography, archaeology and geomorphology who were actively studying past landscapes within the Mediterranean region and the Near East.

Interdisciplinary research favors a systematical approach of landscape archaeology, a complex research theme placed at the frontier of human and environmental sciences. With over 120 participants from 9 different countries, addressing issues of archaeology, geology, remote sensing, history and historical geography, and with keynote lectures by Prof. Tony Wilkinson and Prof. Paul-Louis Van Berg, this first edition was certainly a success.

After such a successful colloquium, we decided to organize a second one, to be held at the University of Lyon (Maison de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée), France, in June 2007.

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