The main themes of the Congress are directly linked with natural and cultural reconstructions of the ancient landscape. The focus of proposed papers and posters should be limited to the following topics:

1. Exploitation of the natural environment and subsistence strategy.

2. Landscape dynamics: reciprocal impacts on the landscape of human activities and environmental evolutions.

3. Landscape reconstruction based on archaeological, historical or environmental records.

4. Settlement patterns and networks (irrigation, trade, etc.).

5. New tools/New methods

The topic “New tools/New methods” will be mainly discuss in a workshop dedicated to GIS and especially on its landscape archaeology applications It will be supervised by Olivier Barge, geographer/cartographer (Maison de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée) and member of the French ISA network (Spatial Information and Archaeology).

All participants are inviting to attend to this workshop because as researchers working on landscape archaeology we are all concerned by the increasing use of GIS. Papers, dealing with experiments and methods used, should be 10 minutes in length maximum, the rest of the time being devoted to discussions. The goals of this workshop is (1) to share individual experiments about maps and tools used for their creation ; (2) to discuss the use and place of GIS in archaeology and to discuss the organization of data and their integration in GIS. This workshop is welcoming all BH2 participants even if they are not using GIS. We do believe that their ideas and external point of view might be helpful and might create new discussions and might hopefully favour the emergence of new ideas.

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